Zar is the vindictive, argumentative, bossy, controlling wife of Count Dermot.

Early LifeEdit

Born and bred in Grasmere Valley, she had been the bane of the entire town's existence as from a small age she showed herself to be bossy, rude, argumentative and vindictive not to mention controlling. She was good friends from a young age with Yasmin from ballet lessons. However she ended up being jealous of her when she became a ballerina and she did not. Regardless she managed to marry the self professed Count, Count Dermot who is a boxer and despite his claims, is anything but aristocracy.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Zar and her husband are seen chastising Johan at his work shop when it was announced that Johan had split up with his girlfriend Yasmin. Zar has no tolerance for him for what he did to her 'friend'. However it turned out soon after that encounter that Johan had proposed to Yasmin under a betrothal arch that he had carved out of wood. She accepted and the two were on their way to plan their wedding.

Zar was stunned when she was not selected to be a bridesmaid for Yasmin's wedding and the maid of honour role went to Carol. As a result both she and her husband declared Yasmin as a mortal enemy due to the 'snub'.