The old lecturer who managed to be married four times and is a black widow.

Early LifeEdit

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

This black widow who managed to kill her four previous husband and in Grasmere Valley manages to go out with Harvey Dontos, the mayor's son and the two end up getting engaged. However Anne Dontos as well as Del reveal to Harvey Dontos of her true nature she is arrested. She tries to escape when the jail is broken free allowing everyone in prison to break free.

Volume 15 Edit

When The Great Escape reality TV was on the air which the winner would see a prisoner be freed from Grasmere Valley, Vera is among those who tries to get out and in order to try and enlist votes in the show she announces that she will marry the man who most responsible for her release by keeping on voting for her. With her track record of her husbands, Vera got not a single vote.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

#111-115 Who Let the Prisoners out?  Edit

#111 Tale of Andrea Fullow Edit

Vera Cullingham continues to serve the life sentence along with the likes of Ryan DeconyRebekah SilvaRhema SpencerMr Gardiner and Kitty Brownstone. Andrea Fullow, was wealthy Hungarian socialite believing of their innocence decides to buy the entire prison believing that Del who was in charge of the police had done a terrible job and that everyone arrested was in fact innocent of the crime. Shockingly it goes through and soon the prisoners are all let out and a rampage begins.

#113 Tale of Luther Martin Edit

After Luther Martin releases sensitive information about Grasmere Valley on his websites, Ryan Decony, Vera Cullingham, Michael Novak and Mr Gardiner all recently released from prison try to find Frederick Delgado, an ex fiance of Vera's and nemesis of hers who they want to kill first before continuing with the information they have from Luther to exact revenge on everyone they hate.

#114 Tale of Frederick Delgado Edit

As Vera makes her entrance to the Delgado residence, the other three, Ryan, Michael and Mr Gardiner are behind Frederick and his two siblings Kat Delgado and Emmanuel Delgado waiting to kill them all. However they are soon embroiled in a fight with the three which ends up Frederick Delgado chasing them out of his house.

#115 Tale of Dark Peril Edit

Now on the run,Vera, Ryan, Michael, Mr Gardiner, Kitty and Rebekah are being chased by Dark Peril and her sister Peril. With them chasing them they soon end up back in prison with Del shutting the bars and them being thrown back in jail, albeit now for different sentences as Andrea had previously got their records sponged.