An 80 odd year old adrenaline junkie.

Early LifeEdit

Born and raised in Grasmere Valley, she has lived in town her entire life. She went to the primary school of Grasmere Valley as did Mrs Hickey were they ended up becoming arch enemies after Pat who had a boyfriend stolen by Mrs Hickey who ended up marrying him and having a family with her. This just created the feud between them all the more as Pat never got married.

Despite the bitterness she felt towards Mrs Hickey, Pat managed to get on with her life especially in the latter years as when she hits her eighties despite being told by Dr Nathan Jones to take it easy, she is still out their living life to the full being an adrenaline junkie. She has sky dived, bungee jumped and done many other daring things.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Due to living in Grasmere Valley all her life she is among the the citizens listed in the first Volume of Grasmere Valley.

Volume 2 Edit

The feud between Pat and Mrs Hickey boils over when Buck Felton decides to unveil a competition to drum up midnight shopping trade at the grocery store. The first to shop after 12.00pm and go to the check out will win an IPOD. Both Pat and Mrs Hickey see this and they both try to beat each other by getting their shopping and sabotaging the other one in order to win. They both lose however when Alice wins the IPOD after just buying some chewing gum. With them both losing they decide to bury the hatchet and become friends.

Volume 3 Edit

While at the shopping centre, when Steve Queen is shooting for the Jason Mourne film series, he ends up being embroiled in a fight between her and him and soon other extra's and Judge Fielder also get involved. As a result of the battle, Steve Queen ends up being fired from the project by the director, Lee.

Volume 15 Edit

Mrs Hickey passed away and Pat attended the funeral. Pat was rather furious when Kirsten White also attended, beaming, smiling and being awfully cheery during such a sad occasion.

Volume 31 Edit

Pat still activity goes to the Mega School reunion of Grasmere Valley being held at the golf club in Rose Park Heights by Mrs Holland. She is considered the eldest living alumni of the school. She shows she still got it when she is seen during the night break dancing.