The cousin of Debby Laddy and police partner of Joey Mauren.

Early Life Edit

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Novels Edit

Volume 19 Edit

She comes to Grasmere Valley in order to live in the same town as her cousin, Debby.

Volume 23 Edit

Joey joins Grasmere Valley and becomes her partner.

They are instrumental in proving that Vena Carron Farreau who was seen as not guilty of killing Robert Weirsching in the courts, believing her shooting him was justified was anything but. Although due to double jeopardy they cannot convict Vena on that charge, they found she also killed his Robert's daughter, Allie Weirsching who had been impersonated by Kylie Cyprus as she tried to black mail Vena as she knew the truth about what Vena did. Managing to get Kylie and causing for her to confess, soon the truth is revealed that Vena killed Robert and Allie in cold blood and she is arrested, but not before the town goes after her.

Volume 32 Edit

Joey and Michelle were among those fed up with the presence of Mrs Campbell in the town who has caused such grieve with the town, and ended up attending a meeting set up by Darcia Layston trying to create a plan to see Mrs Campbell kicked out of the town. Besides Darcia, Joey and Michelle, also present at the meeting was Charlie PeckhamRita Sharpino, Pat Roth, Lala Perdy, Kevin Davis, David Jenkins, Jill Jenkins and Mrs Holland. However it seemed no one came up with a good idea. Darcia is livid and tries to force them to come up with a great idea but it comes to no avail. Also it seemed she did not realise how they all did not like Darcia and wish they could get rid of her just as much as Mrs Campbell.

The Devon Show Edit