The cousin of Gerri Cosmos and wife of business man David Kelly.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 'the Works' she grew up with her father being the pub land lord. Despite not a stable life, she had a desire to become a teacher. She went to University the first to do in her family and gained a job as a teacher in a primary school which she loved.

She soon meets David Kelly a prominent business man and the two manage to get on rather well and start dating. It's quite clear that they have feelings for each other. However when the people at his work find this out they force him to determinate the relationship or his career would go no further. With regret he dumps Marci and focuses on his career.

Marci is also the cousin of Gerri Cosmos.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 19 Edit

Distraught by being dumped by the man she only loved and feeling betrayed she moves to Grasmere Valley to live in the same town as Gerri Cosmos.

Much to her shock David Kelly comes to Grasmere Valley also to live. While there she invites Marci to a meeting. There he confesses his love for Marci, begs for forgiveness and asked for her to marry him. The others in the business a re horrified and fire him but Marci so touch accepts his proposal.

Volume 27 Edit

The two begin to live happily married as husband and wife after their relationship almost ended again (See The Devon Show).

The Devon Show Edit

Season 4 Edit

Episode 4 You May Climb the Ladder Edit

David Kelly dumped Marci in order to climb up the social ladder and do gain a great job with with Mr Billingshurst he has to marry Eva Palmero. David nearly manages to do so however realizing the mistake he has made with the help of Devon, Nanny Prescot and the gang he ends up forgetting his job and marrying Marci.

Ironically enough Mr Billingshurst ends up dating Eva Palmero himself.