The pastor of the church in Gracefield who took over from Gary Robinson.

Early Life Edit

Born and bred in London, he was a pastor of a Charismatic church which was knee deep in the prosperity gospel. However after being exposed to the true Gospel, he became concerned about the message that had been preached in the church and soon became a keen critic of prosperity gospel as well as becoming a adherent to Reformed theology. For his efforts the church did not want him in the church believing he had sold out and thereby kick him out of the church.

His cousin is Narla Davis.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Novels Edit

Volume 15 Edit

He moved to Grasmere Valley in order to live as well as help out at the Church in Gracefield, soon after he was kicked out of his old church.

Volume 23 Edit

Kevin becomes employed as the new pastor of the Church in Gracefield taking over from Gary Robinson after he leaves the church and the town. He is given a welcome party by Candice Priggot who is always desperate to try and present herself as an upstanding citizen and religious to others. A facade that the discerning Kevin can see through right away.

He ends up helping Nick Daco who used to be a Christian before hunting for fame as a teenager and leaving his faith and Grasmere Valley at the door, when he is forced to stay in his home town of Grasmere Valley for a few days. Through Kevin's witness to him Nico manage to give his life back to God, repent of his sins, disown his celebrity status and end up marrying his childhood sweetheart Sarah Butcher.

Volume 26 Edit

The Fifth Way Cult takes hold of Grasmere Valley all the while Kevin Davies is away at a Christian camp that he help serves at each year. The old pastor Gary Robinson returns as Archibald and convinces many to join the Fifth Way Cult. By the time Kevin who only hear things via the radio what has happened the mass suicide of the group is revealed and Kevin like everyone else is very shocked by the events that have taken place.

Volume 28 Edit

Kevin has to guide the town forward after Tessa Crab won the snap election as a result of the fallout of the Fifth Way Suicide. Nigel Crump is determined to dethrone Tessa Crab and getting the church and Christians involved in politics. Kevin seeing this as a detraction of the Gospel voice his concerns of Nigel's movement and that Christians in this time should be more focused on the gospel. As a result Kevin is denounced by Nigel.

Volume 29 Edit

Kevin is seen talking with Brandon Estrix who is the newest elder in the church when they are apprehended by the atheistic uprising that is happening in the town which is led by Jonathan Paine, Voilare, Melz Dot Com and Bennie Bush.

Volume 32 Edit

Kevin holds a testimony Sunday which he does ever so often for those in the church to give a testimony how God saved them. While David Jenkins is sharing his testimony he has to endure Mrs Campbell the newest resident comments and criticism. Even Kevin is surprised by Mrs Campbell's behavior and he is among those who are at the meeting to plan how to boot her out of the town.

Darcia Layston holds a wanting to get rid of Mrs Campbell. Kevin is among those in the meeting was Kevin as well as Charlie PeckhamRita Sharpino, Pat Roth, Lala Perdy, Roger Harding, Michelle Laddy, Joey Mauren, David Jenkins, Jill Jenkins and Mrs Holland. However it seemed no one came up with a good idea. Darcia is livid and tries to force them to come up with a great idea but it comes to no avail. Also it seemed she did not realise how they all did not like Darcia and wish they could get rid of her just as much as Mrs Campbell.

Soon due to Mrs Campbell being such a nuisance, Pat Roth, Crystal Meth and Mother of Chaos gave a fake prophesy saying that the town would be engulfed in a fire storm. Mrs Campbell see the prophesy whilst on Pat Roth's late night show. Neither of them believed the prophesy. However almost everyone else in the town did, causing mayhem and chaos as everyone tried to flee the town. Kevin ends up teaming up with Charlie Peckham and Kelly-Anne Davis who are also unfazed and help support Lala Perdy who is freaking out and believe the prophesy to be true. They end up at Lala's house after she believed she left the oven on while baking cakes. However when they get their they see Pat, Crystal and Mother of Chaos trying to start a fire to see that their prophesy had come true.

The Devon Show Edit

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1 Vaccancy Edit

Kevin takes over from Gary Robinson after he left as Pastor and he visits the Prescot household as they try to find a new occupant in the house and for the show which ends up being Abdul McGray.

Episode 2 AGM Edit

Kevin presides over his first AGM meeting at the church which soon descends into madness when Josephine Steele a church member who rarely attends the church starts ranting about changing the church, produceing a 7,000 page document of what she wanted changed and ordering the excommunication of many people. These include Finnerly McDowell, the loveable host of Cats Do the Craziest things, which she claimed was a satan worshiper and Billy Santiamo due to his past of being gay. Finnerly despite there being no proof of him being a satan worshipper he is excommunicated due to the church finding him odd. Billy manages to evade this by his friend Laura Bright defending him. However Kevin seeing just how far she has gone says how she is a major hypocrite telling everyone how the church should run despite never visiting it. She ends up being excommunicated and Finnerly is welcomed back.

Episode 5 How to Be Accused with Murder

Kevin Davis and Narla Davis, his cousin who is a sassy nurse to Marge, appear to try and help Nanny Prescot when she is accused by The Worst Lawyer Ever and Del of being a serial killer. A charge whichh is clearly bogus and ends up being dropped.

Episode 7 The Rape Edit

When the sensational court case of Jack Jackson and Peter P goes to trial in Grasmere Valley accused of raping Trudy Jenkins, Leanne Breslin and Christy Jackson, Kevin has key news that will show that the accusation of them was nothing but an out and out lie from the plantiffs. When Nanny Prescot tries to tell Glenda Davis who is the lawyer for Jack Jackson and Peter P about this, she beliving in their guilt ignores Nanny Prescot and soon join forces with The Worst Lawyer Ever who is prosecuting the case. It's up to Nanny Prescot to win the case as she takes over and reveals the true identity of Jack Jackson many allias and that Christy one of those accusing them of rape is none other than his wife. The truth is revealed and the defendants are victorious but the victory is hollow with Jack Jackson disowning his own wife for what she had tried to do and Peter P not sure whether to forgive or not.

Episode 11 Kidz Edit

Nanny Prescot is feeling rather dispondent about doing the Holiday Club this year at church seeing that youth are getting worse and that they don't seem to care. Kevin who is also apart of the Holiday Club at the church tries as do everyone else involved to give her hope and to continue in wanting to pursue doing this work and spreading the Gospel to the children.

Episode 13 Mr Know it All Edit

DAJA, Josephine Steel's son is holding a revival in the church at Gracefield much to Kevin Davis's objections who did not think DAJA, who rarely attends church himself should be leading revivials telling others what they need to do to get right with God when he wasn't himself. Most brush of Kevin's objections as Nanny Preascot is part of the big gospel choir he has hired annd Sally Moogle and Billy Santiamo see it as a great opportunity to premote The Moogle cafe.

DAJA, Joe Bosnova, David Thompson and Jospheine Steele after the successs of the first revial plan to do another without the consent of the elders. They are very critical of Kevin Davis who they don't like for him not beliving what they were doing was appropiate. DAJA can't be bothered it seems to marry his fiance as do Joe Bosanova and David Thompson who despite all of them not having the greatest personal life and hardly attended church felt they had the right to lecture everyone on spirtual matters. When Nanny Prescot choir is banned by them mainly due to Nanny Prescot's objections for DAJA not getting married and Devon is not allowed to do the rap he was promised they all join in on the plan to wreck the self-centred revival of DAJA. They manage to succeed with Kevin exposing the lack of spirtual or moral maturity of DAJA to do such a revival and soon Joe Bosanaova, Jospheine who was also involved, David and DAJA are excommunicated.

Episode 16 Man Up Edit

Kevin leads the men's group with the church. Many really love it such as Devon, Jon Tremble, Norman Mann and Finnerly McDowell who loved who Bible based it was. However Economy Dad did not find it manly enough saying it was weak and feeble decides with men he think match his standard of manliness to take over the men's group. The new men's group includes Mr Jupiter, Marx Gabo, Assize Tsare, Hank McCeer, David Thornton and Nick Gerrard with the leader now being Tim Drixall, the pastor who had briefly took over as pastor after Gary Robinson was fired and was now himself disgraced as an abusive adultery who was obsessed with fame. Norman hates the group and with their bawdy humour and rather earthly perspective on manliness Norman Mann feels very insecure and not a man. With the help of Kevin Davis and Adam Robinson who held Tim personally responsible for the reason why his brother left from Grasmere Valley they managed to stand up for Norman. Tim is booted out of town once again as he had been the first time but not before teasing to Adam that he knows where his brother is which he does not reveal.

Season 5 Edit

Episode 6 Out of the House Edit

Kevin is called in by Nanny Prescot when Mr Love who has split up with his wife Marnie Span and Barbara Young who has been kicked out of her house by her own daughter making both of them homeless. They call to here his advise while he is consulting with an evangelist who has been a missionary in Romania. Kevin gives Nanny Prescot the advise for Barbara to be able to get back her home and Mr Love to go back to his wife and ask for forgiveness and sacrifice himself for her which ends up working.

Season 6 Edit

Episode 4 It's Everyday Yo Edit

When Rob Paul, the irritating, vile Youtube sensation moves into the neighborhood in a mansion and causes great havoc, Kevin is among those enlisted in the plan to try and get rid of Paul and in fact all those who were at the planning meeting for trying to get rid of Mrs Campbell with the addition of Mary Bishop and Nanny Prescot as well as Mrs Taffy, leading the group. They don't have any good ideas but Nanny Prescot decides they should go into the mansion and force Rob out. They all go but except for Nanny Prescot they all one by one as they get distracted when they arrive at the house. Soon enough after encountering with the talking drunk Chris Greavers, they all come back to Nanny Prescot and fight for the cause to get rid of Rob Paul (except for Mrs Taffy). They see him with his girlfriend Ultra Violet in which he wants to film a stunt of the pair of them on a mattress outside ion fire. He forces her on the mattress but she manages to get off just in time as the mattress is put on fire. Rob ends up on the mattress and catching on fire he jumps down to the pool to stop the flames. the mattress which is on fire also is thrown to the pool and Rob is nearly drowned. After such an experience Rob immediately leaves town embarrassed by the whole affair.