A citizen of Grasmere Valley held in the highest regard who is happily married to Eve Kennedy and father of Abel Kennedy

Early LifeEdit

Born an raised in Grasmere Valley, Ken was brought up by two loving Christian parents who have seen gone to be with the Lord. He managed to be involved with the church as well as the day to day live of Grasmere Valley. He ended up marrying Eve a fellow Grasmere Valley and the two soon became the well known power couple of the town. The two are known throughout for their love for each other and for having a successful happy marriage.

The Tales of Grasmere ValleyEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Ken known for being an upstanding guy who was held in high esteem by virtually everyone in the town, Ken was chosen to run with the Olympic Torch in 2012 London Olympics in Grasmere Valley to then give the torch to the neighbouring town Elysian Fields. Ken and Eve as are the town are all delighted! Except for Wilma Timber who believed she should have the honour to carry the torch. She even tried to chase after him while carrying the torch and attack him to get it. However with the help of his very committed wife, Wilma's plan was foiled.

Volume 8 Edit

When Sam Bishop is forced to resign to save the town from an attack by the US President at the time Michael Novak, the race for Prime Minister is on. Ken decides to try and run for The Reserve Party as Prime Minister with Edward Middleton being his Vice Prime Minister. The candidates they are up against was The Indifferent Party with Joshua Wilde a Prime Minister and Hal Grant being the Vice Prime Minister;  and for The Radical Party with Tessa Crab running as Prime Minister and first Harvey Dontos and then Isaac for Vice Prime Minister. Many had believed especially with Tessa Crab abysmal campaign that Ken and Edward may have a chance to win as they had the backing of Daisy. However much to everyone's shock however the winner is in fact two people that they didn't know was running; Mr Gardiner as Prime Minister and Julie as Vice Prime Minister.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley at Christmas 5 Edit

Eve Kennedy is drafted into the Christmas Carol Service as run by Mel who has decided to take over. Eve was supposed to get the mince pies for the Carol Service. Eve managed to forget and was trying to remedy the situation whilst at the service when Mel stopped her during the Carol Service and berated Eve in front of everyone. Ken never the one to see his wife insulted, Ken who is usually mild manner stands for his wife in epic fashion and chastise Mel for being such a controlling bully. Eve soon enough manages to carry on her own defense and shame Mel for the way she acted towards her. Mel ended being excommunicated from the Church as a result of the incident.

Volume 15 Edit

Just before Volume 15, Ken and Eve's son, Abel Kennedy is born.

Volume 30 Edit

Ken and Eve are among those raising enough money hoping that Don Kennedy, their nephew who currently lives with them ends up managing to buy his own house. The format to raise the money is through a 24 Hour telethon-marathon hoping that those would donate enough to raise the money. Upon the 23rd hour they had no way near reached their goal. However upon much persuasion when Chris Coy who was meant to be at a conference about LTO's gives his speech at the telethon he manages to raise enough money for Don to have his own house much to the joy of everyone!