The faithful husband of Janice Danes, who was accused of murder and in prison before being killed herself.  

Early LifeEdit

Born in Amsterdam, Holland before moving at a young age to London for his parents to find a job, Jarik ended up running a good small business when he met at an interview Janice. Fallen head over heals for her he asked if he could go on a date with her. She shockingly agreed and the two as well as working together quickly become an item and end up getting married.

All seem to be in their world until shockingly Janice is accused and convicted of murder of a young man who the prosecution claimed she was having an affair with. Jarik is heartbroken but firmly believes in his wife's innocence. He devotes his life to try and get her out and even the victims mother who had once been key to seeing Janice in prison now believes she is innocent.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 7 Edit

He moves to Grasmere Valley and has an anniversary dinner of their wedding without her at La Vista restaurant. The table is however set as though it is for two. Louisa Parry, Bridgette Parry and Taffy Parry are all desperate for him to give them their affections and they rush over trying to impress and seduce Jarik. When Jarik reveals he is in fact married they are embarrassed. Later on Louisa Parry meets him outside and finding out Janice is in prison the two connect and become good friends as Louisa's mother Mrs Parry was now also in jail.

Volume 15 Edit

Janice has the chance to be set free in a new reality show The Great Escape. The show revolves around prisoners in which tell their stories, see their lives in prison and viewers have a chance week by week to vote who they want to remain the chance at leaving prison. Jarik and Janice are both happy about the prospect and she reaches the final but loses to Tristan Nelson. It turns out there is a corrupt judge Judge Nicholsen, who presided over her case and saw to it that Janice would never be set free. Janice Danes sadly by the hands of Judge Nicholsen ends up losing her life.