The chief Bell Boy, from Italy, at the Hotel owned by Anthony Hall and and Bessy Hall. He is also adopted by Mr Humphreys and Mrs Humphreys.

Early LifeEdit

Born in Italy, he had aspirations to study and travel around the world. He had two loving parents. However before his 16th birthday both his parents drowned during a boating trip and Grieog was ended up being an orphan and his ideals tot ravel around the world completely diminished. Or so he thought. When Mr Humphreys and Mrs Humphreys were travelling to Italy, they met with Grieog who was working at a souvenir store. Heartbroken by his story, they decided to officially adopt him as their son and he ended up moving to Grasmere Valley to live with Mr and Mr Humphreys as his new mother and father.

He soon saw Grasmere Valley as his home as he continued study but also worked at the hotel in Tailgate owned by Anthony Hall. He becomes great friends with Anthony and managed to become the chief bell boy at the hotel.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

When Queen Constance went into hiding hoping to avoid King Eglon attempt to try and marry her at the hotel in Tailgate it was Grieog who helped protect her. When Mephiboseth and Ezikiel are on the hunt for Queen Constance, Grieog does what he can to protect the Queen but ultimately they manage to get to her. However all they wanted from her was not for her to marry King Eglon but they were hired by King Fufu to go on a diplomatic trip with him to Africa, which she accepts. However she also wanted an assistant to go with her which was none other than Grieog.

Volume 2 Edit

He is seen coming back from the trip with Queen Constance to which there was a great party thrown at the town hall welcoming her and Grieog back into the town. There are many rumours circulating that Grieog was dating Queen Constance but this has never been confirmed.