She is the wife of Harvey Robinson and mother of Ed Robinson.

Early LifeEdit

Born and bred in Grasmere Valley, the town is all that she knows. She dated Harvey Robinson ever since high school and soon got married when they left high school. Harvey went to be a fitness instructor as well as venture into refereeing football games while Elle on the most part stayed at home but from time to time helped out with Harvey's business.

The couple were blessed with a son Ed Robinson who grew up to be fascinated with history.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

A distant cousin of hers, Gary Robinson his wife Meg Robinson and Gary's brother Adam Robinson move in with them when Gary becomes the new pastor o the church in Gracefield taking over from Jeffry King who died of a heart attack. Gary's first public appearance in the town would be at the annual picnic where Elle, Harvey, Ed as well as others would be in attendance. However once there as he introduces himself to the town, the matriarch of the town Daisy pickets the picnic, claiming that Gary is a communist, emergent and carrying on adulterous affair. It turned out these things she had heard at the hair dresser from Julie and Julia were all lies and Gary manages to dispel such lies and Elle among the other Robinson's and Daisy nephew Pete Mabel and his wife Jane Mabel manage to stop Daisy before she caused any more trouble with his misinformed information.

Volume 2 Edit

Elle ends up having her own Chat Show known as Elle. Her first guest on the programme is to be Carry Parker who was the runaway bride who ran away from the wedding she was supposed to have with John Strawberry who was supposed to be in space at the time. Elle manages to get the full treatment at the hairdressers however when she starts interviewing Carry, Larry Lothario among others begin to wolf whistle and start commenting on her appearance saying how much they fancy her. All bedlam is let loose when Elle's husband who is rather jealous of seeing this happening on live TV comes into the studio and manages to have a brawl with Larry along with others.

Needless to say the chat show was cancelled after one episode. However Elle realised just how much Harvey really loved her.

Volume 5 Edit

Although not appearing in the tale, her husband and son are both under threat when Mr Grasmere and Mrs Grasmere takeover. It was Ed who was chosen with Ted Fed to find out whether the claims that they owned the land were true or not but before they could finish researching they were knocked out, held captive and the entire town had been taken over by them in order to release their good friend Mr Gardiner. Ed was banished to Elysian Fields as was Harvey but managed to return to Grasmere Valley only to be captured along with a bunch of others and placed in a net above a paddling pool full of crocodiles. Thankfully they were saved by Mr and Mrs Grasmere fell to their deaths as they were eaten by the crocodiles.

Volume 21 Edit

Gary Robinson ends up being fired from being a pastor after it was revealed before he became a Christian he had got a girl pregnant, was abusive and forced her to have an abortion. Soon after Tim Drixall came in and was eventually dismissed to he was invited back but Gary having had enough of Grasmere Valley refused and left along with his wife Meg. They left the Robinson household and no one not even his brother Adam knew what had happened to him.

Volume 26 Edit

Gary and Meg return to Grasmere Valley as part of the cult the Fifth Way which is led by Brother Ezekiel. Gary who is renamed Archibald and Meg who is now known as Una have renounced the Christian faith and are leaders in the movement encouraging the town to leave everything and join the cult. They convice those such as Eric Fuelgate, Bob Grempy, Chester with the Chest from Chichester, Flopsy and Isaac Crab to join them on the compound just outside Grasmere Valley. However when those from Grasmere Valley come to the compound to try and rescue them, chaos erupts and Brother Ezekiel gets the members to commit mass suicide as a part of their belief of ushering in the Sixth Way. Meg was one of those who drank the cup and committed suicide with her husband holding her dying body as the poison took effect. Gary is eventually put in prison as being the only senior member of the leadership team of the Fifth Way alive he is held responsible for their deaths.

Soon afterwards it is revealed the two had adopted a son Charley Robinson who was at the time staying with Adam Robinson at a Christian camp and is now in the custody of Adam who lives with Elle and the other Robinsons.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

The Devon Show Edit

Season 3 Edit

Episode 15 The Wedding Show Edit

Nanny Prescot decides to hold a Wedding Show at her house where they go through the videos of their weddings and then pick the winner of whose weddings was the best. Among the couples are Elle Robinson and Harvey Robinson along with the couples who come are Pamela Thornton and David Thornton, Kate Carey and Ryan Carey, James Dontos and Anne Dontos, Eric Gladville and Gladice Gladville, Jay Karl and Mikey Karl and Damian Burchens and Ruth Burchens.

During Elle and Harvey's wedding it shows that fact that there was an objection to the marriage of Elle and Harvey which they have to deal with before they can get married. Int hthe end the winning couple is Damian Burchens and Ruth Burchens.