Former Heavy Metal front man for the band Grapes of Wrath before he became a Christian.

Early Life Edit

Born to a middle class family in Ipswitch, with his mother being a stay at home mother and dad a pastor, he was brought up in the church. However with his parents splitting up, this threw him to depression, anger and hatred. he hated anything Christian and started to front a Heavy Metal Band in his mother's garage known as Grapes of Wrath.

It soon becomes very popular, getting a record deal and him being part of the band full time, selling albums and tours all over the world. He hated the world and thought his angry, hateful music would help take the world he grew to despise down. he also had many relationships with various women, party a lot, drank a lot and took drugs.

One day however he realise that all he done was meaningless and he remember the old sermons his dad used to preach about gaining the world but losing his soul. He repented and became a Christian while he was on a tour bus and soon afterwards wanted a new life and abruptly quit the band.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Novels Edit

Volume 42 Edit

He comes to Grasmere Valley in order to live, soon after he became a Christian and left the band Grapes of Wrath.