She was the secretary at Grasmere Valley High school before being murdered by Jake Petri during the school massacre.

Early LifeEdit

Born in London Alisha never really tried hard at school , always believing that she will manage to fall on her feet somehow. Many were worried about Alisha fickle if not naive nature thinking life will just turn out for her. Funnily enough, Alisha ended up marrying Elliot Baucham, a navy officer and living a comfortable and happy life with him. When they first married they moved to Grasmere Valley in order to live

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

She and her husband are ready living in Grasmere Valley before the beginning of volume 1 with Elliot often being called for his job in the navy while Alisha to spend the time works at Grasmere Valley High School as a secretary.

Volume 2 Edit

Known for not really doing much work or paying attention as she is far to concerned with what's happening on Facebook, she manages to miss Tony Taylor who is covering a class take year 8 out on a field trip to discuss what being a spy is like.

Volume 7 Edit

Alisha is seen selling tickets along with Chez Young for the Kate Carey show at the Town Hall which Deborah manages to get the last ticket to see the show.

Volume 8 Edit

Jake Petri wanting to kill his brother Scott Petri and girlfriend Jennie Wier is recruited by Julie to engineer a massacre at the school. Jake invades the school looking to kill when Alisha ends up seeing him and tries to stop him. Sadly she is killed by Jake who slashes her to death. Later on Jake is shot by guards sent by Julie who used Jake to engineer the whole thing and have an excuse to vilify Grasmere Valley.

Legacy Edit

Elliot grieves for his wive as do the entire town as the death of her was a shock to many as well as the head boy of the school being responsible. Due to the actions that occurred Julie and Mr Gardiner attempted to blame the incident on the town's Conservative nature and this became the excuse for Michael Novak who was controlling the whole thing to have an excuse to annihilate the town with the Great fire.

The death of Alisha moves Elliot to support Ryan Decony in Volume 13 when he is accused of murdering his wife. Scott and Jennie who as a result of what happened became friends with Elliot all fought for Ryan's freedom as they sympathized with what he was going through. Much to everyone's shock however he turns out to be very guilty indeed.

In the television series, The Devon Show, Alisha passing has been mentioned and the new receptionist Suzie often remarks how she can never take the place of that of Alisha.